Villa Concerto

Gorgeous lakes and untouched wilderness in Northern Kymenlaakso are an experience in every season

The neighborhood

Kalalampi Recreation Area is a stone's throw away from Villa Concerto. There is a swimming and campfire site in the area, and a walking path around the pond. There are several illuminated outdoor trails in the surrounding areas.

Reletively Near

In the beach landscape of the river Jokelanjoki, on the river banks, there is a rare horizontal shingle and an old, idyllic water mill. The rapid doesn't get frozen in winter, and can be reached by car in ten minutes.

A Little Further

The Lappalanjärvi sand bar is the best beach in the area. In the shallow water, it is nice to wade, and a swim into the sunset is an unforgettable experience. One should reserve a quarter of an hour for the drive.

Repovesi National Park

The rugged Repovesi National Park is less than an hours drive away. In the park there is a suspension bridge, a viewing tower, a climbing rock, lions, many campfire sites, and good opportunities for hiking and relaxation.

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