Villa Concerto

High rooms, excellent acoustics and a dedicated music program service are the key to your music experience

Kantele from Finland

Especially foreign guests are delighted with the music that is played with Kantele. The beautiful sound of this Finnish national instrument is perfect for both traditional and modern music. You can try playing yourself at the workshop, under the guidance of a professional.

Joy of Life from Scotland

Ceilidh is a delightful way to spend an evening and enjoy life in a Scottish way with music, dance and friendship. It provides a humming ending for a meeting or recreation day, and is unbeatable way to strengthen team spirit. Ceilidh Evening includes live music and instructions for joining Scottish folk dances.

Music for Celebrations

Dinner or a festive meal is crowned by live music. The piano, the cello and the harp are unbeatable to create the atmosphere, and classical salon music, for example, is perfect for celebrations. Even a whole orchestra can perform in the concert hall.

Private Concerts

Private concertos at Villa Concerto are produced by the music program service Variando Music. Individually selected program can include classical masterpieces, movie music, world music and entertainment music. A private concert is an unforgettable addition to meeting and to training and recreation days.

Variando Music

Music program service Variando Music has provided music services for Microsoft's corporate management, the President of the Republic of Finland, the Embassy of Finland in London, the US Embassy in Helsinki, and for several companies, cities and public administrations.

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